The English version was published in July 2019

What is
The China MPM?

The MPM advocates the use of points to manage people, measure people's self-worth and evaluate their comprehensive performance, then link all kinds of materials and welfare with points. Finally, people with high points get benefits, to stimulate people's initiative and fully mobilize their enthusiasm.

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What Can MPM Bring To
Your Enterprise?

Software Introduction

Our MPM software is a supporting implementation tool combined with the theory and practice of point management. It quantifies people's abilities and comprehensive performance with points, and accurately presents the current strengths and problems of the businesses through multi-dimensional data.

Mr. Li Rong's International Influence

The MPM Overseas

In addition to being introduced and implemented by more and more domestic businesses, the MPM has also been introduced by many foreign businesses.

Which countries'enterprises come to China to studyThe MPM?